The Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. represents parties involved in title insurance disputes. Whether you are an owner and developer of commercial property, office property, shopping centers, mixed use projects, or the owner of residential property, a real estate agent or mortgage banker, broker or loan officer, Haskins Law will help you settle your title insurance dispute.

Thorough Title Searches

certificate-of-titleThe Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. offers a variety of title searches including a full coverage or limited coverage search. A full coverage title search discloses easements, real estate liens, Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&R), ordinances and other agreements. The search of records may also include an investigation for liens and against all property owners and bankruptcy actions by the owner. A limited coverage title search checks for liens against property owners. Additionally the records will be checked for bankruptcy proceedings involving the current property owner.

Title Defects

Title defects are any claims or other factors that could cause the title to a property to be called into question or declared invalid. This can occur in a number of ways, from a deed containing ambiguous language to an incorrect legal description of the property, the property being encumbered by an easement or there may be an outstanding lien. The most common type of title defect is a claim by one owner to have a marketable title to a property when, in fact, it is owned by another.

Protect Your Interests – Title Insurance

title-insuranceTitle insurance protects against title search errors, undiscovered title defects, and losses that arise from disputes over property ownership once a property has been purchased. These are some of the hidden defects that a Title Insurance Policy can protect against:

  • Fraud
  • Forged Deeds
  • Unknown Heirs
  • False Affidavits
  • Unpaid Judgments
  • Unfiled Liens
  • Forged Documents
  • Improperly Indexed Documents

Taking Legal Action – Title Disputes

When a title dispute arises, swift action will ensure that your rights are protected. A seemingly minor title defect can leave you open to costly litigation or limit your ability to sell your property. The Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. will work to clear the title of the defect or encumbrance. If the claim is covered by an existing title policy, all work to remove the uncovered defects will be paid for by the insurance company. Haskins Law will take the necessary actions to bring you effective resolution to your title disputes.

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