Complex Construction Projects

The involvement of several independent parties in construction projects necessarily involves oral or written agreements among and between the various parties. Disputes about the payment or performance under one or more of those agreements may result in a commercial litigation lawsuit. When a contractor fails to perform under the construction contract, enforcement of the performance bond may be a legal option. At the Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. we can advise and assist property owners and general contractors in the enforcement of performance bonds.

Help for Commercial and Residential Contractors

Like any business, contractors often require legal advice and representation to protect their interests. The Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. is well-versed in construction litigation and can help you in all types of construction disputes, including:

  • Private lawsuits by owners or developers
  • Construction lien foreclosures
  • Construction lien claims
  • Surety and insurance claims
  • Claims related to environmental exposure to contaminants such as mold, asbestos, lead paint, and other chemicals or metals
  • Disputes or issues with other contractors or subcontractors and construction contracts
  • State agency actions

Help for Homeowners and Businesses

The Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. has a thorough understanding of the construction industry and its legal principles. We can help homeowners and businesses facing problems related to:

  • Construction defects
  • Poor workmanship
  • Contract disputes
  • Injuries to property
  • Construction liens

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