Legal Protection to Grow Your Business

The Law Office of Harry W. Haskins, P.A. understands that to be successful and thrive, your business needs appropriate legal protection. We can help formulate plans to protect all of your business properties and entities. We can help with the following:

  • Forming and registering partnerships, corporations, and joint ventures
  • Drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating other contracts and transactions
  • Overseeing and maintaining corporate documents and archives
  • Serving as a registered agent

Other Business Litigation Support

We have extensive knowledge of and experience with business and commercial disputes. We approach business litigation strategically, identifying your opponents’ weaknesses. The following represent some other issues that we can help you and your business address:

  • Pursuing collection of debts owed to your business
  • Litigation involving officers and directors
  • Shareholder rights
  • Securities litigation
  • Securities fraud
  • Trade secret infringement

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